Client Relationship Development

If you operate in the sales or customer engagement space, then client relationship development is the most fundamental business skill and expertise that you need to establish and build a sustainable enterprise. Sounds simple, I mean how hard can it be? What makes this activity probably more challenging is that once you start on the journey it never ends, it is a constant consideration. It is like driving a car where you can’t afford to take you eyes off the road, or what happens, you crash. And this is what happens with a lot of client relationships, it all starts well and you are driving fully focused on the road ahead. However over time your concentration wanes as the distraction of the every changing scenery, possible opportunities side roads or off ramps may offer, or just general fatigue from driving the relationship, starts to take its toll. The skill is being able to drive on multiple roads at the same time – focused on enjoying the journey on each, and with a clear destination in mind. Now it doesn’t sound so easy, right?

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