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Create the ultimate customer experience.

In this age of world wide accessibility to product and services, now more than ever it is time to go back to what made business relationships great and lasting – having personal engagement and relationships with customers.  You need to create an enduring experience that sets you apart from your competitors and looks to build a business relationship for life.

How many of us can recall a less than satisfactory customer experience where the person you dealt with may not have had the aptitude or attitude to make you feel good about the purchase you made.  Maybe they didn’t provide that customer environment that would make you want to return or recommend them to friends or family.  Maybe they didn’t deal with the product/service issue you needed clarified or fixed.

Why should we have to live with underwhelming customer experience?  There is no excuse for it and it should not be tolerated.  Average is awful and unacceptable.

What consumers want from a customer experience is value – value for them taking the time to work with you, value in what the product/service provides or does, value in having a reason to return and work with you.

Why Retain Consulting?

Delivering a Great Customer Experience is about being the best in your Business.  It is not only about the product and services you offer, but what you as a person bring to that relationship.  And it is a relationship, not a transaction.  Transacting is what your competitors do.

Happy customers return more frequently and they tell others. This makes your business successful followed by generating more profit and growing your business.

Retain Consulting offers taylor made solutions to ensure you remain at the top of your game and ahead of the chasing competitors.

We knew how to create a Multi- Million dollar business in the recession, now we want to help you do the same in the current growing market.


Retain Consulting offers a range of training and service options.  The topics are modified according to your requirements and are delivered in a format (eg.  group training session, one on one, time in the field) which best suits your needs.  Inclusive, but not limited to, development areas like:


Building a Business Plan

Road map to success


Client Planning

Structure, tracking progress and results


Client Relationship Development

Foundation and putting building blocks in place


Dating Game

Product/service and you vs competition


Decision Making

Proactive and decisive vs reactive and unclear


Features and Benefits

Product/service and you vs competition


Goal Setting

Relevant, appropriate, measurable, achievable, celebrating


Objection Handling

Overcoming the fear and providing solutions


Sales Territory Organisation and Planning

Maximising productive time


Selling Skills

Customer centric solutions


Time Management

Utilising professional and personal time

What our customers say

About us

Angela Pile recognised at an early age that learning for her was probably going to be best done in real world than what she might gain from spending time in the classroom.  As such, she has been involved in working with people for 30 years (she started very young!) through selling, business development, training, leading, managing and mentoring. She has taken the lessons taught to her by others combined these with her own engaging personality to achieve success in both the corporate world and owning her own business. From all that experience and learning comes the building blocks that Angela now uses to work with companies and individuals to determine and achieve their own professional and personal goals and objectives.

Angela has worked for and with companies like L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Wella, DB Breweries, Barfoot and Thompson, Skinny Mobile, Zurich, Heritage Tiles, Foodstuffs, Newmarket Business Association, ASB, Ray White Real Estate, amongst others.